At the Extremes of History

The Ballast of Tragedy

“Don’t go there.” is the phrase commonly invoked by individuals for the purpose of avoiding the uncomfortable realities with which they are confronted. The phrase itself indicates that the person who utters it has some kind of knowledge -ranging from vague to concrete- of the subject which they are requesting to be freed from the responsibility of acknowledging. Often, it is not something directly spoken by one person to another; being, rather, an unspoken agreement which those involved are only conscious of to a slight extent (but also, sometimes, not at all). It can even be found in the mind of an individual person who seems to be out of any direct contact with anyone else at that moment: Should a combination of thoughts arise which impel an individual’s mind towards a conclusion which lies outside the boundaries of what that person thinks they are allowed to believe, or what they have chosen to believe, about reality, they might hear that shrill cry of “Don’t go there!” It is the power of this little phrase, or, rather, the weakness of those who allow themselves to be controlled by it, that constitutes the essence of tragedy. It is by this, that the worst of atrocities might be committed while others look on and do nothing- even while expressing anger at what is done. It is by this, that the perpetrators of the greatest of crimes might go free, even though their guilt is well known.

It is at those moments of human history in which the prevailing paradigm is in its death throes and groaning to be supplanted by another -it is at the extremes of history- that the overwhelming contradictions and ironies inhering in the collected mass of what have been popularly accepted as facts become more manifest, and in accelerating fashion. By making these ironies conscious to the members of a society at such a juncture, the power of the little voice in their head which cries: “Don’t go there!” might be diminished to the extent that those individuals no longer feel compelled to continue to accept what they had always known to be wrong. Today, the spectre of 9/11 stands as a towering pillar which shadows the life of the United States and of the world. By it are all other considerations situated and understood in their true significance. Over time, I intend to elaborate some of the ways in which those things in world affairs which are currently commanding the most attention are better understood by anchoring our considerations in the facts pertaining to the 9/11 mass-murders. For now, I will do this respecting the most urgent matter confronting us: the attempted coup against President Trump.

The Attempted Coup Against President Trump

The release of the 28 pages nearly one year ago will be recognized as the most important declassification of US Government documents, up to this point in time, in history- despite the fact that only a few people were, or are yet, able to understand this. No mind, even slightly rational, can, after reading the 28 pages, possibly conclude anything but that the Saudi Monarchy was knowingly involved in perpetrating 9/11. All roads lead back to the Saudi Embassy in D.C., or to Saudi Princes like Bandar (who was, at one point, 3rd in line to be monarch of the Saudi Kingdom). By the release of the 28 Pages, Senator Bob Graham was proven absolutely correct in his statement, prior to their release, that they represent a “smoking gun”. Why, then, was there no outcry from the people of the United States at the time of the release of those 28 pages? Why did so few people choose to read them? Why did none of the political leaders, whether democrat or republican, immediately call for the establishment of a new investigation into Saudi involvement in 9/11, and possible acts of treason by people in US Government agencies carried out with the intention to protect the Saudis for their role in the greatest atrocity in US history?

Now, compare this to the worse-than-McCarthy-style hysteria about Trump and Russia consuming the political life of the US at this moment. The root of this hysteria is the theory that Trump (and/or his agents) entered into a plot with the Vladimir Putin (and/or his agents) to steal the US presidential election by having Russian Intelligence expose the corrupt practices of the Clinton campaign and the DNC by hacking and leaking their emails, in return for which Trump, as president, would take actions which would be in the interests of Putin and Russia. Has any evidence supporting this theory been provided by anyone? No. None at all. Even the most rabidly anti-Trump Democrats, like Warner and

Feinstein, have conceded that no evidence of such collusion exists. Further, has any evidence supporting the theory that the Russian Government even performed hacking to obtain the relevant emails been revealed? No. None at all. In fact, Julian Assange, the man who released the emails, has said, repeatedly, that Russia had nothing to do with it. Why, then, has the entire political life of the United States, as reflected in non-stop MSM discussion, become centered around investigations, hearings and discussions of this theory of a Trump/Putin conspiracy? Why has a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller (the man who helped frame-up Lyndon LaRouche and cover-up the Saudi role in 9/11), been appointed to carry out an extraordinarily expensive and time consuming investigation into whether there really was such a Trump/Putin conspiracy? Are the members of congress who continue to fuel this absurd discussion acting on the basis of genuine concern derived by a rational consideration of the available evidence?

Thus, we see that the government, and our society, was completely unresponsive when real evidence of actual involvement in the most heinous act of mass-murder in American history was released with the 28 pages. Yet, now, the entire process of our Federal Government and the corresponding attention/discussion in US media have become utterly engrossed in an evidence free theory of a Trump/Putin conspiracy. How many histrionic speeches have we seen from members of Congress which centered on this issue? Yet, where were all those Congressmen, with speeches of passion and patriotism, when it was revealed that the perpetrators of 9/11 have enjoyed the protection of our own government for years? None were to be found. How much coverage and discussion of the evidence free theory of a Trump/Putin conspiracy has occurred in the media of late? Yet, where was all of the media coverage, discussion and debate of the real evidence presented in the 28 pages? None was to be found. All of the investigations into Trump/Putin collusion initiated by members of our government have (allegedly) been launched on the basis of genuine concern, derived by careful consideration of available information (but no evidence), that there might be something nefarious to discover. But could this possibly be believed if we remember that no member of congress felt concerned enough by the screaming evidence contained the 28 pages to even give lip-service-support to the establishment of a new investigation?

The criminal network extending throughout the institutions of the US government which has been popularly denominated “The Deep-State”, will never be dismantled until the individuals in this network which participated in the cover-up of 9/11 are exposed and held accountable for their complicity in mass-murder and treason to the United States. Thus, the relentless assault by the Deep-State on President Trump will not stop, until the power of the truth of 9/11 is used to purge these malefactors from the institutions of US government. The people who are responsible for creating the hysteria around the Trump/Putin conspiracy, the persons now acting, as you read this, to destroy Trump, are the same people who intentionally lied in order to hide the truth of 9/11. They are the same people who intentionally lied in order to summon the participation of dozens of nations of the world to militarily engage in the destruction of a nation (Iraq) which had never even threatened any of those nations. Thus, it should not be hard to imagine how these people would be more than willing to intentionally lie in order to eliminate Trump via impeachment on false charges (as happened to Lyndon LaRouche). Alternatives include assassination, or the imposition of a deluge of various vicious pressures upon Trump which impel him to crack and submit to the “establishment agenda”. At the very least, the Deep-State assault would continue to bog down the US political process until the next presidential election, preventing Trump from accomplishing anything of significant change in the interim, and thus guaranteeing his loss in an election decided by angry voters predictably out to revenge unkept promises- all to bring in a new puppet president that would simply pick up where Obama left off.

But is the world ready to face the reality of 9/11? Are the members of our government capable of coming to terms with the fact that the foreign, defence, intelligence, security, and economic policy of the entire United States for 16 years has been based on one of the most disgusting lies in human history? Are you ready to come to terms with that?

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