Sometimes, the Little Things are Most Important

Patiently -and also not so patiently- have I waited for this.

While many have attacked Robert Mueller for all sorts of different reasons, almost no one has had the courage (or the insight) to address the most important and profound crime of which Mueller is guilty: Treason to the United States by the act of intentionally protecting those who perpetrated the mass-murder terror attacks of 9/11. The most well known of those so protected were, of course, members of the Saudi Government.

The mainstream media, did not, would not, and probably could not (for many reasons), address this issue. Even within "alternative media", references to Mueller's 9/11 treason were sparse and, even when made, usually timorous and under-emphasized. The only organization of which I am aware which placed consistent and (at least approximately) appropriate emphasis on Mueller's greatest crime -and that as a part of an overall effort to end the attempted coup being run against President Trump- is the LaRouchePAC.

But, that is probably how it is quite often: The most important things are those to which the least attention is paid- and, when attention is paid to those things, it is always in a fashion which indicates a lack of comprehension of the import of the thing itself.

The fact that Mueller's role in covering-up the truth of 9/11 was discussed on a major mainstream-media news program, even if only for 4 minutes, represents a crack in the cage that has kept this issue "off limits" for "acceptable discussion". What will come next?

Of, course, as I have discussed elsewhere, this is not only about putting Mueller in a traitor's prison cell, or ending the coup against President Trump; it is about a fundamental reconceptualization of reality for an entire nation, and a large part of the world population outside of that nation too. I suppose that it will be, at least in part, the kind of reconceptiualization of reality illustrated by the famous tale of the emperor with no clothes. After all, it is fair to estimate that a majority of the population of the United States believes, on some level, that we have been lied to about 9/11. Yet, most of those persons, at every level of society, have gone along with that lie in some form.

Below is that little 4 minute clip which is of greater import and significance than all the tens of thousands of hours of news which the MSM has pumped out in the recent period.

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