When Heros Go Bonkers

Should we succeed in revealing the truth of 9/11, and in bringing to justice those involved in the perpetration and subsequent cover-up of that atrocity, future generations will look back on the absurdities to which those in the present resorted in their attempt to avoid the obvious truth with which they were confronted. Perhaps, they will look back on us with as much disdain, scorn, and disgust as we tend to look back on those who were guilty of moral absurdities in the dark times of history's past. Or, perhaps they will look on us with an eye more focused by wisdom, capable of perceiving foolishness -foolishness even in the extreme degrees of existential magnitude- without self-righteous malice or kindred sentiments.

We have not yet come to that time, but if we in the present time identify some of the present absurdities which those in the future might find most poignant, we just might be able to ensure that such a future time and people will actually, one day, exist.

I had entertained the hope that (former) Senator Bob Graham would, during this time of anti-Trump hysteria, have had, given his understanding of the cover-up of the truth about 9/11, the bearing necessary to perceive the true nature of the attacks on president Trump- particularly those centered around the hoax of alleged “Russian interference in the US elections” and the “Russiagate” fraud. I even went so far as to consider the possibility that Graham might have been contacted by the Trump administration for the purpose of assisting in a renewed secret investigation into 9/11 given the release of the 28 pages and related documents, the strong statements which Trump made on the issue, and the well known role of Graham in exposing the FBI coverup of the truth of 9/11.

Perhaps those hopes prevented me from following Graham’s activity more closely over these past months; for, after all, it is common for one to avoid doing the things which they know might shatter their hopes, even if they are not fully conscious that that is what they are doing. Perhaps, if I had followed Graham over the past months, I would not have found anything which would have led me to the disappointing conclusion that not only was Graham not involved in any such investigation, but that, in fact, Graham had actually been absorbed into the anti-Trump mob-mentality to such an extent that even he, with all his knowledge of the extent to which the FBI has acted as a treasonous and disgusting organization, would act in ways supportive of the ongoing “Deep-State” coup against President Trump. But, unfortunately, today I found something which rendered that judgement unavoidable.

I came upon a stomach-churning interview given by Graham recorded a short time after the press conference given by President Trump and President Putin at the Helsinki summit. What Graham had to say in the interview represented just the kind of tragic absurdity which I referenced above. Below is a transcript of the relevant excerpts of what Graham said in the interview.

After the interviewer raised the fact that Trump had contradicted US intelligence by saying that he didn’t “see why Russia would have done it.” Graham responded:

I’m stunned that the President of the United States should reject the advice, for which we spend billions of dollars a year verifying intelligence information, that, in fact, Russia was involved in an attempt to alter the results of the 2016 election, is just unbelievable and almost unprecedented.

The interviewer proceeded to raise the issue of John McCain’s response to the Trump/Putin press conference. Graham responded that he fully agreed with McCain’s (insane) statement.

The interviewer then went on to describe how it is that many people don’t really care about the Russia issue. To which Graham responded:

I’d say we should care about it, among other things. The president of the United States is not just the President of the United States, he is the leader of the free world. That means that he personally, and we as a nation, have a special responsibility to things like the rule of law, like justice and liberty. And all of those things are toppled when you say that in spite of the enormous evidence to the contrary that the Russians did not have a role in the 2016 election. I would think that president Trump would want to have a full honest discussion about this matter. One: it will be a cloud hanging over the legitimacy of his presidency until it is resolved, and second, we have another election coming up in just a few weeks and then in two years from now President Trump will be running for reelection."

When asked about Putin’s offer to assist the US in the investigation into whether any Russians were involved in illegal interference in the US election, Graham responded :

Well that would be just as if a gang of thieves in downtown Sarasota, and the Sarasota police department would say “We’re going to bring in the leaders of the Gang of thieves to join us in our investigation to find out what happened”. You don't go to the culprits to get there involvement in the investigation. That is what the people who are representing truth justice and the American way are responsible for doing. That is what I think our intelligence agencies have done. That is what the Senate Intelligence committee- a very bipartisan committee of the congress- has done. And they have both concluded, almost in the same words, that the evidence is overwhelming that Russia was involved in an attempt to affect the 2016 United States presidential election. It doesn't get any blunter than that.

When the interviewer brought up the issue of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the assertions of Trump that the Mueller probe is a witch-hunt, Graham responded:

Oh I don’t think it is a witch hunt, and neither do the people who know the most about this issue think it is a witch-hunt. I don't think that the missing emails are irrelevant. I just don't think that they have anything to do with the question of whether the Russians tried to interfere with our election. And I think that if we want to go further with the issue of the emails go to it. But let’s don't do that as if it voided the necessity of fully understanding all the implications of a foreign government - an adversarial foreign government- trying to interfere with our election.

When asked about the issue of the DNC server never being inspected, Graham responded:

That maybe an appropriate thing to do, but has nothing to do with the issue of the Russians’ involvement in trying to affect the outcome of our election. And that’s what we are focused on now. The president has a tendency that when a subject that he is not comfortable with is under discussion - he wants to change the subject; in this case, from Russian involvement in our election to the missing 30 thousand emails.

When the interviewer brought up the issue of the lack of ability for people to even agree on facts, and how people do not believe the news, Graham responded:

“I think that this is an issue in which both the politicians and particularly president trump and the nation’s media are going to have to have collective responsibility to restore people’s trust in what their public officials are saying and what their media is telling them is the truth. I think that as we do a better job of educating our young people the next generation is going to be able to serve as citizens in the way that our forefathers had intended. And we will all be better Americans for that.”

Well, there you have it. A man who is more familiar than almost anyone with the treasonous actions of Robert Mueller -his thuggish use of what Graham called “aggressive deception” to prevent the Saudis from being brought to justice for their role in 9/11- this man, Graham, we see calling that very Mueller a man who is “representing truth justice and the American way”, and refusing to acknowledge that that very traitor- Mueller- is now running a politically motivated witch-hunt. Here we have a man, Graham, who knows that the FBI and US intelligence lied about 9/11, claiming that those agencies actually represent “truth justice and the American way” and that “people’s trust” in those agencies must be restored. A man, who knows the failure of the media in adequately reporting what he and others have done in exposing the truth of 9/11 -perhaps the most important issue upon which any media could possibly report- claiming that “people’s trust” in that very media must be restored. A man, who claims that the fact that the DNC server was never subjected to forensic analysis by any government agency has “nothing to do with the issue” of whether Russia “interfered” in the US election, when the very basis of the theory that the Russians did, in fact, interfere in the US election is the claim that the Russians hacked into that very DNC server. This man, I say, is a very unfortunate man- a very unfortunate man behaving according to a very tragic social process.

What is one to do when the persons in whom they had invested so much hope turn out to have gone temporarily insane? Onward soldier!- (they'll come back around eventually).

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