If I Were President

The included objective of the [LaRouche presidential] campaign is to catalyze in the so-called ordinary citizen a proper sense of what it should mean to be a citizen of a democratic republic. This should mean that each citizen views issues of national policy by putting himself or herself into the frame of mind in which he or she accepts the kind of authority and responsibility for consequences of policies to the nation which is proper to the President of the United States.” -Lyndon LaRouche, 1979

As we look upon those in positions of power with contempt and disdain; as we complain about the laws they pass, the policies they promote, the shallowness of their character, the pettiness of their concerns, their utter lack of principle; we easily forget to consider an important question which ought to naturally accompany such considerations, namely: “What would I do if I were they?” Having considered this question quite a bit, and presented some of the results of those ruminations in various locations, as on this website, I thought it appropriate to present, in a greater variety of specifics, just what it is that I think should be done --that is, just what it is that I would do if I were a political leader-- in the situation in which we now find ourselves. I suppose that what I present below, as representing (in a form of but limited elaboration) what it is that I now think I would do if I were the President of the United States, are things for which I would ardently agitate if I were a sitting member of congress. Indeed, I have spent much time and effort over the past years promoting these things, being, as I believe they are, particularized expressions of a desperately needed new paradigm for United States, and for the world.

Draining the Swamp

You can’t handle the truth! ” - Famous quote

The truth will set you free. “ - Trite old saying

Drain the swamp!” - Donald Trump

The Coup Against President Trump- Initiate a full investigation, aimed at the indictment and imprisonment of those involved in the Russiagate hoax used to run an attempted coup against President Trump. (Check)

9/11- Immediately initiate a new investigation into the 9/11 mass murders. There will be no time limit, no budgetary restrictions, no limitations on power to subpoena, or power to compel the cooperation of any government agency etc. A commission will be appointed for leading this investigation. The commission will periodically update the public on its findings.

Immediately declassify all documents relating to 9/11.

The commission will be tasked to investigate the role of foreign governments in the perpetration of the 9/11 attacks, including, most notably, but not limited to, Saudi Arabia. The commission will also be tasked to investigate any persons in the United States, whether current or former government officials or otherwise, for treason by virtue of complicity in the attacks, intentional efforts to mislead the public about those complicit in the attacks, or other actions which represent participation of any kind in the 9/11 attacks, or any subsequent coverup of the truth respecting the 9/11 attacks. The subjects of this investigation will include, but will not be limited to every high level official in the Bush and Obama administrations.

The public is to be fully informed of the initiation of this investigation.

Coincident with the initiation of this investigation, the Unites States will sever all ties, commercial, military, intelligence, etc. with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (including support for the genocidal Saudi war on Yemen). All US government agency (including military) personnel will be vacated from Saudi territory and all subjects of the Saudi Kingdom will be obliged to leave the US within a short timeframe, after being vetted as having no interest to ongoing criminal, or national security investigations (such as the renewed 9/11 investigation).

The Iraq War- Immediately initiate an investigation into the origins of the Iraq war. No time limit, no budgetary constraint, no limitations on power to subpoena, or power to compel the cooperation of any government agency etc. The investigation will seek to identify and prosecute any individual knowingly misled the public and/or congress in any way which contributed to the initiation of the war in Iraq. The members of the Bush administration will be the prime targets of the investigation. However, the investigation will also seek to identify and prosecute any individual which may have engaged in any actions which contributed to the protection from justice of those who were guilty of crimes related to the initiation of the Iraq war. Hence, members of the Obama administration will be key targets for prosecution for obstruction of justice and other forms of complicity in the coverup of criminal actions which resulted in the initiation of the Iraq war. The public is to be notified of the initiation of this investigation.

The British Problem-- A commission will be established which will investigate the subversion of US interest by the nation of Britain. This will include actions by both official and unofficial agencies of Britain. The subversion to be investigated will include, but will not be limited to: Political subversion, as exemplified by the action of British Intelligence in creating the Russiagate hoax which, over the course of years, wrought incalculable damage to the political life of the United States. Geopolitical subversion, as exemplified by the attempts of Britain to foment conflict between the United States and any other country, (as well as between any countries besides the United States)-- this being conveniently exemplified by the fraudulent insistence by Britain of the guilt of the Russian State in the attempted chemical weapon assassination of Sergei Skripal-- an action which induced the United States to levy significant economic sanctions on the nation of Russia. National Security subversion as exemplified by the documented actions of Britain in the support for radical islamic terrorism around the world, and the connections of Britain with Saudi Arabia in this matter. Economic subversion, as exemplified by Britain’s maintenance of offshore centers of illicit money which enable financial crime in the United States. Cultural subversion as exemplified by the role of official, and powerful unofficial, British institutions in the international drug trade. Also, as exemplified by British origination of the “environmentalist” movement in the United States-- a movement subversive to US economic as well as cultural and humanitarian interests. Possible cultural warfare operations of Britain against the US in the domain of popular entertainment, such as musical groups will be included.

The diplomatic, intelligence, and military relations of the United States and Britain will be downgraded immediately, perhaps to the level prevailing between the US and, say, Pakistan, for instance. (Enough to serve, to some degree, US interests, but nothing anywhere close to the extent which would make the US, in any way, vulnerable from too open of a connection in the cited areas). Upon review of the findings of the commission, the US-British relation will be reassesed, and a complete severance of relations in one or more of the cited areas may be found prudent.

The LaRouche Frameup - A new commission will be established to investigate government misconduct in the connection with Lyndon LaRouche, his associates and affiliated organizations. All government files pertaining to Lyndon LaRouche and his associated organizations and collaborators are to be declassified, collected and released to the public. Criminal indictment will be issued to persons found guilty of participating in abuse of government power in connection with Lyndon LaRouche. Lyndon LaRouche will be given official posthumous exoneration. Exoneration will be officially granted to Lyndon LaRouche’s associates. This commission will not be dissolved after the conclusion of their investigation into the LaRouche case, but will continue to carry out other investigations of similar instances of government abuse of power against individuals, for political purposes and otherwise.

Regime Change Coups- A committee will be established to investigate the participation of US government officials in efforts to engage in regime change operations in foreign countries over the last 20 years. The committee will begin with an investigation into the effort of US government personnel in the facilitation of the violent coup in Ukraine. All documents relating to this operation will be declassified. This committee will remain in place after concluding its investigation of the Ukraine coup in order to investigate other incidences of a similar nature in the recent history of the United States. The public will be made aware of the work of the establishment of this committee.

Assassinations- A new commission will be established to investigate the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, and other prominent public figures the official accounts of the deaths of whom has been found sufficiently challenged by new facts and evidence accumulated over time. All files relating to the killing of these individuals held at the FBI and other agencies of government will be released to the public. The public is to be informed of the initiation of this investigation.

Franklin Scandal- A commission will be established to identify and prosecute any individual guilty of wrongdoing in relation to the Franklin scandal. This will include those who engaged in the abuse of children, but, also, those who engaged, in any way, in an effort to protect from justice any of the persons involved in the abuse of children, or related criminal activities. It is understood that many of the individuals identified and prosecuted for these crimes will be current and former high level government officials, and persons working in law enforcement agencies. The public is to be informed of this investigation only after the evidence has been collected and the indictments made-- at least the first of them. The commission will provide a report of its investigation to the public.

Drugs- See below. An investigation into possible participation in illegal drug-related activities of members of the US military, intelligence community, and hired mercenary forces, will be initiated, with particular focus on Afghanistan.

Reform of the Intelligence Agencies of the United States-- Informed by the results of the above mentioned investigations, a committee will be established to craft a thorough overhaul of the intelligence agencies of the United States.

Further, a thorough review of intelligence contractors will be undertaken, identifying those functions of intelligence operations which have been placed in the charge of private contractors which could be carried out by the US IC itself, or other official government agencies.

Criminal investigations will be launched, aimed at the identification and prosecution of criminal conduct, such as cronyism, in the distribution of intelligence/security contracts.

All dragnet collection of the electronic communications of the American people will be terminated.

Exploratory committees will be established to investigate how the powerful surveillance, electronic communication procurement, and intelligence gathering functions of the United States intelligence community can be retooled in such a fashion as to be applied to law enforcement efforts to combat criminal activity, particularly child abuse networks, human trafficking, the drug trade, criminal financial activity (including those of major banks, hedge funds etc.) and so on.


De-escalate tensions with Russia and China- A meeting, to take place as soon as possible, will be planned between the Presidents of the United States, Russia, and China. This will be accompanied by intensive diplomatic exchanges, aimed at identifying the most effective and immediate means by which military tensions can be reduced as much as possible in as quick of a time as possible. In addition to this, intensive efforts will be made to identify the best areas of immediate, medium term, and long term cooperation initiatives in economic, cultural, scientific (especially space exploration) and other spheres, by which these nations might build highly productive relations. As an small, obvious example of the latter, the restriction on NASA from cooperating with China in space activities will be immediately removed.

End the Wars- All US military engagements will be immediately terminated. The military will be ordered to vacate all zones of combat within 1 week. (This timeframe might be modified, but only in accordance with absolute logistical constraints.)

Defense of Earth-- A program to develop asteroid and comet defense capabilities will be initiated in cooperation with all of the nations of the world.

Eliminating the Threat of Nuclear War - Coupled to, and complementing the Defense of Earth project, the United States will develop a system of space based laser defense against nuclear weapons. All of the nuclear armed nations of the world will be solicited for participation.

In addition, intensive talks will be initiated with the other nuclear armed nations of the world on how a path toward the total elimination of nuclear weapons can be achieved as soon as possible. Russia and China will be primary partners in such talks.

Unwind the Global US Military Presence- A council will be established to make arrangements for the closure of all foreign US military bases. In consultation with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the council will identify those foreign bases which are indispensable for the interests of US defense. All foreign military bases will be closed as quickly as possible except the ones found to be indispensable. However, the number of “indispensable” foreign military bases allowed to remain open will be limited to a small number, perhaps three or four. The important contingency to the execution of this plan is described below.

The elimination of foreign US military bases must be accompanied by agreements with the other military powers not to “fill the void” through the expansion of their own military bases in the regions under consideration. Russia, China, India, and others, would, I am confident be willing to cooperate.

Meetings with the presidents of China, Russia, and of other nations which represent legitimate potential military threats to the United States, will be established.

If those nations were to expand their military presence in violation of the agreement, after such agreements were made, and the US had already closed the military bases in the regions in question, the US would be obliged to reopen bases in those regions. Contingency agreements with other foreign nations in the region ensuring locations for such new US military bases will be made.

Useful Engagements- The United States will open channels of discussion with China and Russia as to possible areas of military cooperation in shared objectives. One such objective is the elimination of radical Islamic terrorism. To effectively combat this threat to civilization, the US, Russia, and China must collaborate in intelligence and military operations. Successful identification of, and cooperative success in, situations which legitimately require the use of military force in the combating of terrorism will serve to rapidly build trust and improve relations of the three nations.

Beyond anti-terrorist engagements, there are other areas in which military cooperation of the three nations may be highly productive. One example is the international drug traffic. The military capabilities of the three nations, brought to bear in the effort to eliminate the global scourge of drugs, would be highly effective. In many nations, drug lords operate their own military forces, and essentially control the government- holding the whole county in which they operate hostage, and subjecting the persons living there to reigns of terror. If a joint US/Russia/China military operation were made available to be called upon for assistance by a government in such a distressed situation, quick work could be made of the drug lord terrorists and their armed marauding death squads. Say, for instance, that the government of Mexico were to call upon the US to assist in the purging of the drug lords which have taken over that country-- that would be a US military engagement I would support-- especially if done as a cooperative effort with Russia and China. Such engagements will be carried out only upon invitation and with the approval of congress.

Generally, the US will immediately desist in any regime-change wars against nations which represent no threat to the United States.

Build the Wall- If one is living in a neighborhood in which crime is increasing and violence spreading, the best approach one might take to reestablish one’s sense of personal security in the long run might be to identify the general cause of the decline of the neighborhood, and proceed to address that cause directly. However, it would not be unwise or improper, in the meantime, to buy a lock for one’s front door, until the long term change in the situation could be effected.

Indeed, the immigration crisis is something which requires a long term solution, one which addresses the root causes of the decline of the nations south of the United States. But, in the meantime, an immediate remedy is needed. A large wall between the US and Mexico will be a very effective and speedy remedy to the flood of drugs, crime, and disease which is now inundating the US. A wall will greatly reduce the human suffering occasioned by the attempt to illegally cross the border-- attempts which are being encouraged by the lack of such a robust barrier to entry-- a barrier, the common knowledge of which, would greatly reduce the number of persons attempting such illegal entry. Reductions in the inflow of drugs, human trafficking, and other kinds of crime would result from an effective wall.

Further, and, perhaps, most importantly, the construction of a wall of this type will be an important affirmation that the United States is a sovereign nation, which will maintain the integrity of its laws and borders, and is intended to remain so forever.

Mercenaries and Contractors-- The use of mercenary forces by the United States will be immediately terminated.

Further, a thorough review of military contractors will be undertaken, identifying those functions of military operations which have been placed in the charge of private contractors which could be carried out by the US military itself, or other official government agencies.

Criminal investigations will be launched, aimed at the identification and prosecution of criminal conduct, such as cronyism, in the distribution of military contracts.

Economic and Financial Measures

Prosecuting Financial Crime-- A new “Pecora commission” will be established, aimed at the identification and prosecution individuals working in the most significant financial companies in the country who have engaged in criminal financial conduct. A bank holiday will be held, during which extraordinary thorough and intense criminal audits of the financial institutions of the country will take place. Money laundering, particularly drug-money laundering, fraud, tax-evasion, and other crimes identified will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In some cases, expropriation of companies may be warranted.

Glass-Steagall- Passage of the Glass Steagall act will occur immediately. All financial institutions will be obliged to come into conformity with the strict function-separation standards of Glass-Steagall within 6 months. Failure of any institution to divest non-authorized assets in the timeframe will result in total seizure of such assets by the federal government, and placed under the control of the treasury.

International Financial Reform-- The US Dollar will eventually cease to be the reserve currency of the world-- it is only a matter of time. The question is, whether the departure from a dollar dominated international monetary order will occur in a way which is, or is not, problematic for US interests. If the US participates in negotiations with other nations to create a new international monetary order, it is likely that the transition will not be very problematic for US interests. If, however, the US does not participate in such negotiations, the inevitable change of the international monetary order will likely occur in a way problematic to US interests. Therefore, the US should initiate extensive and in depth deliberations with the other principal nations of the world as to how a new international monetary system might be established-- one which does not include the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

Speculation- Speculation in commodities will be made illegal. Proper detection and enforcement mechanisms for this provision will be determined by a committee established and tasked with crafting the legislation establishing this provision.

Financial Transaction Tax- One crafted to discourage speculation and the creation of economically pernicious bubbles.

One Day Law-- A law will be passed which places a minimum value on the interval of time between the point of purchase of a financial security, and the point of sale of the same financial security. This interval will be 24 hours. This will eliminate the insane “occupation” of “day trader”, and reduce the volatility of financial markets.

Investment Fund Interest Cap-- A law, enabling the Fed, Treasury, or some of other designated authority to set a cap on the rate of interest allowed to be offered to persons investing in mutual funds, hedge funds, investment banks, and any other non-Glass-Steagall conforming financial company.

Currency Reform-- A commission will be created to craft a plan by which the United States will transition to an all electronic currency. This will be implemented in a timely manner. The benefits of such a currency will include the elimination of criminal activities which rely upon under-the-table cash transactions, the increased efficiency of payments and accounting, and the possibility of putting into practice new and innovative form of taxes (such as curved sales taxes).

Tax Reform- There will be established minimum individual income tax levels for the different income brackets. The minimum income tax will be such as to ensure that someone in a certain income bracket never pays proportionately less of their total income as someone in a lower tax bracket. The fact that multi-millionaires and billionaires like Mitt Romney can find ways, with the use of loopholes and tax breaks, to pay less of a percentage of their yearly income than hard-working middle and lower class families, is an obscenity which this simple rule would ensure would never happen again. Tax breaks and loopholes established by current laws would remain in effect, but an individual could never pay less of a percentage of their income in tax than the minimum income tax percentage established for their income bracket, even if there existed loopholes and tax breaks enough to enable them to do it in the absence of this new law.

Corporations will no longer be able to shelter their earnings from taxation by holding them outside of the United States. Those earnings will be taxed as they are generated, just as any other revenues generated in the United States would be.

Energy-- All government subsidies, direct or indirect, to the production, marketing, or any form of promotion, of solar panels and windmills will be immediately terminated.

A task force will be established, commissioned to establish a plan by which the United States can transition to a nuclear powered economy as quickly as possible. The construction of new power plants which are not either nuclear or hydroelectric will be banned, once the plan is set in motion. Naturally, the majority of the new plants will be constructed, to the greatest extent possible, in areas in which employment in the outmoded and abandoned forms of energy production (coal, gas, oil) were of highest concentration. This will ensure an economic sustenance of those communities despite the elimination of the occupations which once sustained them. For example, West Virginia will be the site of many of the new nuclear power plants which are to be constructed, in compensation for the loss of employment in the coal sector.

Infrastructure-- An infrastructure task force will be established and will initiate consultations with groups of experts such as the American Society of Civil Engineers will occur which will lead to the identification of the works and budgets required to bring the United States to an “A” grade in every infrastructure category within 8 years. The funding for this A grade infrastructure plan will be provided by the federal government through necessary budgetary modification, taxes and borrowing.

The federal laws will be passed mandating that all commercial electric power distribution systems in the US must be modified to ensure that there would be no loss of electrical power delivery capability for a significant amount of time in the event of a worst case scenario solar flare impact of earth.

Plans will be developed for the construction of magnetic levitation rail links between major US cities. Competitions will be held for the design of the fastest, safest, and most reliable magnetic levitation system for this purpose. The government will fund research into new methods of tunnel construction with boring machines, including possible uses of nuclear and laser technology, in hopes to improve the speed and efficiency with which tunnels could be made for the purpose of connecting different locations by maglev rail, despite significant on-surface obstacles.

A special committee will be established to identify all environmental regulations which represent unnecessary obstacles to the construction of infrastructure mentioned above. Such regulations will be identified and cancelled as quickly as possible.

New Cities- The federal government will begin the construction of a new city, from scratch. A competition will be held for the designs of the new city- intended to hold 1 million persons. The winner will be selected as that individual, or firm, which submitted the design for the city which was the most efficient, the most technologically advanced, and most aesthetically satisfactory. Useful ideas from other submissions will be incorporated into the final blueprint, and those who submitted those ideas will be given different awards as well. Construction will begin as quickly as possible. This new city is intended to be one of many more to come. In fact, if there were more than one design of equal worth, two cities could be built initially.

Great Projects- The United States will establish a committee tasked with identifying, through extensive intercourse with counterparts in China, the most productive ways in which the United States can participate in the Belt and Road Initiative of China.

Russia, China, Japan, Canada, and other nations will be solicited to cooperate in the construction, and funding of the construction, of a transportation connection across the Bering Strait. This will be done as quickly as possible.

Design and construction of the NAWAPA project will begin as soon as possible.

Mexico and China will be solicited to participate in the development of plans intended to improve the long term economic well being of Mexico and its immediate neighbors. The interests of the United States will be served by the successful implementation of such plans: the inflow of illegal immigrants, drugs, and all sorts of crime will be greatly reduced. In addition, the improvement of the Mexican economy will increase the size of an already large and geographically convenient market for American goods.

New water management technologies will be utilized in places which suffer periodic water shortages. Atmospheric ionization is an example of such a technology.

Cultural and Scientific Initiatives

Fusion- The United States will immediately begin a crash program to develop Fusion power. A Fusion committee will be established, composed of the best experts in the world on the state of fusion power. They will be allowed to pursue all means necessary to achieve commercially viable fusion energy as quickly as possible. Prime international collaborators will be solicited for full participation in the mission, and in the reaping of the benefits of the breakthrough.

Space Exploration- Complimenting the Fusion initiative, the United States will develop and implement plans, as fast as possible, to establish permanent habitations on the moon, the initial primary purpose of which will be to harvest the Helium-3 isotopes for use in fusion energy production in earth, and elsewhere. International partners, especially Russia and China, will be solicited for full participation.

Education-- The federal government will pay for the college education of those majoring in physical science, engineering, or mathematics. This is necessary not only for ensuring that the United States does not become to thoroughly, and embarrassingly, outperformed by the rising powers of China, India, and others, but, also, practically, because a massive increases in the numbers of those trained in these fields will be necessary to meet the requirements of the age of space into which humanity is now moving (despite the fact that most Americans do not realize it).

A law will be passed which prohibits universities from making any inquiries as to the race or sex of college applicants. A law will be passed prohibiting universities from selecting applicants based on considerations of the race or sex of applicants.

A law will be passed prohibiting any testing company (like ACT or SAT) from testing anything but authorized academic subjects. For example, “adversity scores” will be terminated.

Drugs-- Immediately initiate criminal investigations of the major financial companies in the United States for participation in the international drug trade, either by money laundering or other operations. Immediately initiate a criminal investigation of the opiate producing pharmaceutical companies to determine if criminal conduct in the distribution of opiates, or efforts to promote the distribution of opiates took place. The antics of the Sackler family provide a useful point of departure. Maximum penalties under law are to be pursued for violators, and existing laws are to be made more stringent for future violators.

The FBI will be ordered to immediately, raid and shut down all companies engaged in the sale and distribution of marijuana and marijuana related substances in violation of federal law. Criminal prosecutions will be made of all individuals who violated federal law by engaging in such activities. For example, banks which provided accounts for such marijuana distribution operations will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. State and local governments which taxed the sale of marijuana substances will also face appropriate legal charges fro participating in activity which is illegal under federal law.

Laws will be modified to carry heavier sentences for federal drug related crimes, especially the distribution of drugs.

Cooperation with international partners will be initiated for a global war on drugs, which brings to bear the combined capacity of the US intelligence and law enforcement agencies, along with those of cooperating nations. This will include a full scale “war” on the financial operations of the international drug trade, as well as possible military operations against drug running forces in cooperating countries.

An investigation into possible participation in illegal drug-related activities of members of the US military, intelligence community, and hired mercenary forces, will be initiated, with particular focus on Afghanistan and South America.

Family Promotion- A committee will be formed, tasked with the objective of ways in which the federal government can promote the increase of the birth rate of the United States and the formation and sustenance of nuclear family units. The committee will do things such as make recommendations as to legislation, centered upon but not limited to tax credits, which will be intended to promote the increase of the birthrate of the population of, and the formation of families in the United States. This legislation will be passed as quickly as possible.

Pornography-- It is illegal to have sex in public. It violates obscenity laws. The internet, for all intents and purposes, is a public space. Therefore, obscenity laws should apply to the internet. Laws will be passed, recognizing the internet as a public space for certain purposes, and prohibiting the display of obscenity (including pornography) in that space. The owners of websites which are found to display pornography will be fined, and possibly jailed, just as they would be for violating obscenity laws in public spaces. At this moment, any child in the US with access to the internet has immediate and unfettered access to the most depraved kinds of pornography imaginable, including videos of the sexual torture and murder of human beings. Eliminating pornography from the internet would greatly reduce the soul rotting effects which repeated exposure to such material inevitably produces in the young. The damage already done to our society from this source is likely far beyond the estimation of most people. These laws will go into effect immediately. The electronic communications monitoring capabilities of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the US will enable a rapid purging of pornography from the internet.

Stop Promoting Killing Act-- A package of laws will be made which will be aimed at reducing the degree to which the killing and torture of human beings is promoted in the United States. Millions of American youth spend hours each day engaging in the virtual killing of human beings through (ever-more lifelike) video games-- (and we wonder why school shooting are becoming commonplace). Video games in which the killing of human beings takes place will be outlawed. Modification of existing video game rating laws can accomplish this.

Similarly, major motion pictures depicting, and even glorifying, the torture and murder of human being are being produced at a seemingly ever quicker rate. It bodes not well for the future of society when millions of people in one’s country are regularly paying money to go watch their fellow human beings be tortured and murdered on the big screen. Movies depicting the torture of human beings will be prohibited from being shown in theaters, displayed in public, or promoted through advertisement.

Stop Racism-- The belief that people in certain racial groups should receive special treatment, while people in other racial groups should not, is called racism. All laws which provide special benefits to persons on the basis of race will be terminated. This includes things such as “affirmative action”.

National Chorus Program--

When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state change with them.” - Plato

In order to uplift the spirit of our people, foster the development of the genius of our young, and improve the fundamental laws of United States:

Let there be established choruses in every school of the United States such that, for at least 45 minutes per schoolday, every pupil, from kindergarten to 12th grade, will join with their fellow students in choral singing. Students of the same school grade will be grouped together in choruses, and, in large schools, each grade of students will be split into multiple choruses-- perhaps differentiated by the musical aptitude of the students, such that more challenging choral pieces might be taken up by the more proficient group. Let there then be choral competitions between the different choruses of the different schools in each city or community/region. In these competitions, the best performances from each grade group across the schools involved will be judged and awarded prizes for their achievement. Let these competitions be great gatherings of the community, and locally televised for those who cannot attend in person. Let there, then, be competitions between the various cities, or regions, within a single state, or group of states, for the best performances. Let the winners of these regional competitions then enter into a national competition in which the best choruses in each school grade from across the country will compete to present the most compelling performance. Let the final competition be held at different cities around the United States each year. Let it be celebrated each year by the political leaders of the country. Let the president attend the final competition each year-- let it be nationally televised. Let it become a great cultural tradition of the United States. Each grade will be represented, from kindergarten to 12th grade, in the list of national winners. Let it be held each year, at the end of the school year.

A committee will be established to investigate the precise requirements of such a program- the number of chorus conductors needed, the budgets, the space needed, the agreements with state authorities needed, etc.


Let music swell the breeze,

And ring from all the trees

Sweet freedom's song;

Let mortal tongues awake;

Let all that breathe partake;

Let rocks their silence break,

The sound prolong.

Our fathers' God to Thee,

Author of liberty,

To Thee we sing.

American Artistic Heritage- Let there be initiated a program in which the works of the great american writers --Poe, Irving, Hawthorne, Melville, O’ Henry, and so on-- are adapted to motion pictures. Let these motion pictures be broadcast on national television and in our movie theaters.

Beautiful Art-- Each federal agency/program which engages in the promotion of the arts will be staffed, to the greatest extent possible, with persons committed to a revival of classical modes of art, in opposition to the obscene absurdity of “modern art”.

Similarly, the architectural policies of the federal government (the government builds large buildings all the time, and each of them is designed in accordance with some architectural style) will be made to correspond to the standards of classical aesthetics to which those who commissioned the construction of the US Capitol (thankfully) adhered. Let each building constructed by the federal government be of a design which conduces to the ennoblement of the citizenry.

Federal scholarship programs for those pursuing higher education in classical music, classical sculpture, and non-inferior (non modern art) painting should be expanded. All federal scholarships for for the study of modern and kindred “art” will be terminated. All federal scholarships for the study of modern “music” will be terminated. Who will determine what are the specific art forms to be excluded? A federal committee composed of select persons of genuine artistic taste and appreciation will arbitrate.

Healthcare-- A committee will be established to investigate the factors contributing to the high costs of healthcare in the US when compared to other countries, and possible actions of the federal government which could remedy these high costs-- such as reducing drug prices.

A committee will be established to investigate to possibility of establishing a government owned health insurance company. The profits generated by such a company could be exclusively paid into the the fund for other government healthcare programs. This would reduce the resources which could have been applied to healthcare for US citizens, but are, instead, wasted in the allocation of health insurance company profits to corporate shareholders and executives. A law could be passed prohibiting healthcare practitioners from refusing patients insured by this new company. Additionally, a law could be passed prohibiting healthcare practitioners from accepting patients with any government operated health insurance plan.

Abortion-- Abortions, at any point during pregnancy, will be made illegal except in the case in which the life of the mother is put at risk from a continuation of the pregnancy. A government program will be established which provides for women impregnated by rape. This program will provide support for the woman for the entire duration of pregnancy. Housing, food, transportation, and medical services will be covered by the program. If the woman decides, after birth that she does not want to keep the child, the child will be transferred to an adoption center. Laws will also be put in place which require the employer of a woman impregnated by rape to allow the woman to have leave from their position for the duration of her pregnancy, and to be able to return to work after the duration of her pregnancy. That is, job security will be guaranteed for such victims of rape. In the case of girls still in middle school or high school, special educational programs will be established which would enable the girls to continue their education, with minimal interruption through the pregnancy, in a supportive environment. Special homes would be established --enough to ensure availability for all women in this circumstance-- where women participating in this program could live in a supportive environment, specially equipped to the needs of the women.

Research funding will be increased into potential means by which semi-permanent pregnancy prevention technology can be provided to girls who pass the age of puberty, to ensure that no pregnancy occurs in the case of rape or otherwise. Ideally, a medical technology which prevented pregnancy with near 100% effectiveness while in use, but which could be removed at any time to enable pregnancy, would be the best option. The development of such a technology, and an initiative by the government to guarantee access to such a technology to all post-pubescent girls, would ensure that every woman would have the opportunity to ensure that she would not become pregnant until she chose to do so.

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